Row Livingstone

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Other Names/Nicknames: Rowena, Row, Rose and Mum

Position: Owner, Admin, Creche, Cleaner and Handywoman

Qualifications: Bach Early Childhood, Cert III Fitness and currently studying Diploma in Business


How long have you been teaching for:

Reason for being a personal trainer:

Who is your fitness inspiration:

Favourite Quote:

Your favourite physical activity or exercise: Weights

Your theme song is: Am Inot pretty enough - Kasey Chambers

If they could bottle your personality, what would the label say: Only to be taken in small doses. May contain traces of caffeine and chocolate

Something I said I would never do, and did anyway was: Have 3 children

A movie title that sums up you life:

Two things I can not live without are: Chocolate and diet coke, then Simon and my 3 kids (In that order)

It is Sunday morning at 10am, what are you doing? I've been up for hours cleaning, washing and annoying my boys. Also remembering the days when I could sleep in

Winter or Summer? Summer because everyone looks better with a tan and Winter because I can wear more clothes and cover up

Would you rather visit the world 100 years into the past or 100 years into the future? Future so I could make sure my boys grew up to be great young men. (Not sure of my chances)

If you were a super hero, you would be:

One thing you love tht everyone else dislikes is: My children and working with other peoples children

What is the first thing you do when you wake up: Wish I could go back to bed

One thing people are suprised to find out about you? Lived overses for most of my younger life

Favourite ice cream flavour?

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